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Regular Cleaning

    While everyone enjoys a clean home, it’s also a much healthier environment. But keeping a home clean, especially a large one, takes considerable time and effort. No matter how big or small your home is, you can depend on KV Home for excellent residential home cleaning services. Spend your valuable time doing the things you love, and let your local KV Home  professionals handle the cleaning!

    Our customized home cleaning services adjust to wherever you call home.  We offer cleaning on any size home including multifamily houses, condos, apartments, short-term rental properties and more. 

Some of our most popular house cleaning services include:

  • Recurring Cleaning Services (Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly)

  • One-Time Cleanings 

  • Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning Services

  • Or Customize our plan to fit your lifestyle


  • Outside Oven

  • Inside and outside microwave

  • Countertops and backsplash

  • Outside of cabinets (only if needed)

  • Outside of refrigerator

  • And other kitchen appliances on countertops
    (keurig, toaster, air fryer, etc.)

  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)

Living Space:
  • Wipe all surfaces and window sills

  • Tidy up any clutter
    (fold blankets, straighten nik naks, etc.)

  • Wide inside sliding glass doors

  • Dust blinds (only if needed)

  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)

  • Scrub tub and shower

  • Countertops and mirrors

  • Outside cabinets

  • Baseboards and doors (hand wipe)

  • Toilet top to bottom

  • Any dusting

  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)

  • Wipe all surfaces and window sills

  • Dust blinds (only if needed)

  • Tidy up room and bed

  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)

  • Hand wiping blinds

  • Windows

  • Replacing/changing sheets

  • Walls

Modern Dining Room
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